Topdon TD309 Car Code Reader OBD2/EOBD Diagnostic Scanner for Turning off Check Engine Light Checking I/M Readiness Reading/Clearing DTCsReading Live Data and Freeze Frame


 COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE COVERAGE: This car code reader can be used to test on most 1996 and newer US-vehicles, 2000 and newer EU-vehicles, and vehicles which are compatible with OBD2/EOBD protocols. Suitable for minivans, SUVs and 12V light trucks.

Ÿ   EMISSION STATUS MONITORING: The I/M readiness check is helpful in indicating the running status of your vehicle components and you’re capable of easily figuring out whether your exhaust meets the emission standards and passes smog check.

Ÿ   EXCELLENT OBD2 DIAGNOSTICS: To achieve better using experience, this OBD2 scanner is designed with capability of quickly reading and clearing codes, turning off the check engine light, viewing freeze frame data, greatly saves time and money for your diagnoses

Ÿ   DIRECT INFORMATION READING: You are able to be more acquainted with your car via retrieving vehicle information (VIN/CIN/CVN) and you can also get definitions of trouble codes read from built-in DTC database

Ÿ   USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Durable buttons designed for convenient using is comfortable and easy to operate. Backlit LCD screen is especially designed for clear data viewing and protecting your eyes, even under direct sunlight



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